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About Business Incubator

Academpark Business Incubator is a unit within the Technopark of the Novosibirsk Akademgorodok Foundation.

The goal of Business Incubator (BI) is to facilitate development of new innovative companies in Academpark.

BI supports start-ups in their implementation of innovation projects. 

BI services include: 

  1. providing organized workplaces, shared equipment, software, and office services
  2. promotion of BI tenants' projects 
  3. project consulting and access to BI's partnership network 
  4. information support
  5. training programs for BI tenants
BI is focused on supporting innovation projects at the “valley of death” stage, when the project plan and the team's core are already in place, but the project needs support to deal with the lack of intellectual, financial, and technological resources.

BI supports projects that are distinguished by:

  • An innovative and unique idea
  • A solid R&D base
  • The presence of a project leader/initiator
  • An early stage and very high risks 
  • High market potential
  • Product orientation
  • High feasibility 
BI particularly encourages interdisciplinary projects developed and implemented at the junction of different fields of research and technology.