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Tenants of the business incubator can be individuals or companies that are registered in Novosibirsk oblast and are small business entities under the laws of the Russian Federation.

The status of a business incubator tenant is given to the applicants that pass the selection procedure, including the submission of an application, expert assessment of the project, and verification of the applicant's status. Selected applicants are invited to sign a business incubation agreement.


The application package consists of :

  • Application Form addressed to the executive director of the Technopark of Novosibirsk Akademgorodok Foundation
  • Summary of the Innovation Project

Expert Assessment

The expert assessment will be focused on the summary of the innovation project. The applicant may be asked to provide further information on the project.

Selection Criteria:

  • Innovative and unique idea of the project;
  • The underlying R&D;
  • The project has a leader/initiator;
  • The project is at an early stage or has very high risks;
  • High market potential;
  • Product orientation;
  • Feasibility of the project.

Status Verification

The foundation verifies if the applicant meets the criteria for a small business entity established by the laws of the Russian Federation.

Business Incubation Agreement

The tenant status is given after signing a business incubation agreement.

The term of agreement is 12 months, which may be extended, but by not more than 36 months.

Under the agreement, the tenant is provided with the Basic Package of services. However, the tenant may opt for the service packages Start-Up and Mini-Office.

You can submit a preliminary application using the form on our site:

Download the Application Form

Download the Project Summary Form

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