Биотехнологии - Academpark



The cluster aims at bringing promising developments in the field of biotechnology to the stage of commercialization and managing their introduction to the market.

  • Supplying innovative biotechnological projects with resources and competencies, including business incubation
  • Providing innovative companies with a platform for the implementation of custom services and developments.


Biotechnological cluster of Academpark has all the necessary infrastructure, communication and information resources for the implementation of innovative projects: from the concept to the organization of production and the market launch of innovative products. The basis of the cluster consists of the Medical and biological center and the Business incubator designed to implement high technology projects in diagnostics, pharmaceutics, telemedicine, and biotechnology.


The Medical and Biological Engineering Center has been created and is successfully operating, including a laboratory and technological complex: laboratories for activities on genetic engineering, chemical synthesis, testing of new drugs, prototyping of innovative products. Tenant companies of the Biotechnological cluster of the Academpark are implementing complex projects in the following areas:

  • Industrial biotechnology (development and production of modern biological products for agriculture, health, ecology);
  • Development and production of diagnostic tools for human diseases, biological components of diagnostic kits;
  • Bioinformational technologies aimed at developing new medicines;
  • Equipment for medicine and biotechnology;
  • Medical products for surgery.

Contact person

Galyamova Maria