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The cluster encourages the development of a wide range of innovative forms of IT business

  • Provides effective development and support of high-tech companies specializing in the development and production of competitive information technology, hardware, as well as providing specialized IT services
  • Promotes the establishment and development of partnerships with financial, innovation, technology centers and leading IT companies, with research institutes and universities
  • Assists IT companies to attract investment for development
  • Provides assistance in improving the system of training and retraining of IT professionals in accordance with international standards
  • Takes active part in the implementation of the goals and objectives set in the Concept of Informatization of Novosibirsk Region


The basis of the technological infrastructure of the IT cluster is formed by the Information Technology Center and the Data Processing Center, which provide the conditions for the effective development of IT companies and help to maximize the concentration of necessary resources and competencies. The data processing center is one of the newest and technologically advanced data processing centers in the Eastern part of Russia. The Center provides the operation of highly important information systems, such as Emergency Call Service 112, a medical information system, as well as provision of state and municipal services. The basis of the cluster also includes a unique (in the scale of Russia) Engineering Center of complex multi-platform testing of software and hardware-software complexes.


The establishment of the Engineering Center allowed to significantly expand the range of services provided by the companies, as well as to increase its level and quality. IT companies now have the opportunity to use expensive high-performance software innovations and complete sets of equipment without significantly increasing costs.

The core of the professional environment for the specialists in the field of IT products has been formed, making positive impact upon the export potential of the cluster members. Projects, which entailed the formation of consortiums of cluster participants, have been developed and launched.

The Center for Competence in Information Security and Data Protection was created. A pilot virtual training laboratory on
information security in the form of cloud services for educational institutions has been established.

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