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The cluster supplies the technological and organizational needs of the project companies developing industrial technologies for the production of new nanostructured materials using additives in the form of nanodispersed powders, fullerenes and carbon nanotubes.


The basis of the cluster consists of the Center for Nanomodified Materials, which provides innovative companies and startups with the opportunity to:

• produce prototypes and pilot lots of nanomaterials;
• conduct a full range of works on the physical and chemical analysis and certification of nanomaterials;
• produce composites based on high-molecular compounds and metals, building materials and ceramics;
• make prototypes and pilot batches of products with a hardened outer covering;
• carry out R & D and engineering of production, develop industrial technologies for creating nanostructured materials, etc.


A center for engineering and prototyping products based on SWCNT has been created. The world's largest pilot SWCNT synthesis unit has been launched. It allowed to provide the synthesis of high-quality single-walled nanotubes with a purity of more than 80%, at a price 50 times lower than the average market.

In 2013, the Russian Foundation for Infrastructure and Educational Programs in partnership with: JSC RUSNANO, the Government of Novosibirsk Region, the Academpark and the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences established the Nanotechnology Center "SIGMA.Novosibirsk" - a platform for the serial launch and development of startup companies. SIGMA.Novosibirsk successfully creates new companies, launches production, acting as an investor and technological entrepreneur, forms a partner network and develops a customer base.

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