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AITricks GeomBox Framework is a multi-platform package providing developers with easy multithreaded GUI framework and visualization. You can easily embed your computational module into the GeomBox and you won't have to be concerned about how to make an application displaying your data or changes parameters in your algorithm with comfort, everything's made for you!
GeomBox is a great start for those who want to develop or test an algorithm and don't want to waste their time on writing tons of code concerning visualization or GUI.

Current version of AITricks GeomBox visualizes both static and time-varying data. To connect your computational module with GUI and visualization, you won't have to rewrite your code, you only have to draw GUI interface for settings of your module and implement two simple classes, which can be done in a couple of minutes - and you're all set!

Current version of the package is 0.5b. If you are interested in purchasing AITricks GeomBox, please contact us.