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Lease/Purchase of Premises

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Academpark Lease and Investment Policy

For Lessees:

Essential terms of the rental contract

Type of contract: lease with the owner

Term of contract: 11 months to 5 years; long-term contracts are subject to state registration

The rent payment consists of a fixed part and variable part

The base rental rate (fixed part) is 100 to 850 rubles per sq. m of rented space.

The fixed part is due and payable on the fifth day of the month

The variable part is due and payable on the 18th day of the month

The lessee makes a security deposit in the amount of the fixed part of the monthly rent

What is covered by the fixed part of the rent payment

  • Usage of the leased premises
  • Maintenance of the building and shared premises (lobbies, staircases, etc.)
  • Cleaning of commonly used premises
  • Cleaning and trash pickup from the outdoor territory
  • Use of elevators
  • 24-hour building security
  • VAT 18%

What is covered by the variable part of the rent payment

  • Communal service charges (electricity and water supply, heating, air-conditioning, etc.)
  • Cleaning of the leased premises
  • Communication services
  • Internet
  • Datacenter
  • Maintenance services provided by the management company
  • Conference hall
  • Alterations to premises

For Investors:

Essential terms of the investment contract

Academpark (Technopark of Novosibirsk Akademgorodok) provides property development services.

The Developer ensures that all the technical regulations for connection of utility networks are met.

The Investor finances 100% of the works on designing and building the real estate object by transferring the Investments to the Developer's current account within the time period set by the investment contract.

The investment contract price is determined by the costs of the project documentation and construction works and comprises all the costs related to the creation of the real estate object. The investment contract price is subject to refinement after the public expert assessment of the project documentation.

The cost of 1 sq. m starts from 29,000 rubles (VAT included).

The land plot necessary for the use of the real estate object is sold or leased to the Investor upon completion of the construction works and obtaining a commissioning permit.

Terms of payment

Financing under the contract is provided by the Investor according to the terms of the investment contract, i.e.:

  1. The finance schedule of the project documentation development as agreed by the parties and
  2. The finance schedule of the construction works as agreed by the parties.

Within 20 days after obtaining a commissioning permit, the parties determine the final sum of the total costs of the works under the contract.

The Developer's fee is paid as a separate installment simultaneously and in proportion to the payments financing the works on creation of the real estate object.