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priborostroenie.jpgTo facilitate the development of an instrumentation engineering cluster, the Technology Support Center (TSC) is set up in Academpark.

The TSC will help innovation companies solve technical problems related to the development and manufacturing of innovative products from prototyping to mass production (up to several thousand items per year).

The TSC's support will shorten the time it takes to develop new high-tech prototypes, making the TSC a key element in the technology infrastructure. The compact location of high-tech companies on the TSC premises streamlines the logistics of dealing with complex orders, cutting the clients' time and money costs.

Technology Infrastructure

The TSC is a group of small high-tech companies equipped with up-to-date and efficient facilities.

The expected marketing benefits of the high-tech companies (HTCs) of the Technology Support Center (TSC):

  • The production process and pricing policy are transparent to the client.
  • The pricing policy is not contingent on the contract details, including technical specifications.
  • After reaching an agreement on the price and term of contract, HTCs will fulfill any orders that are within their technological capacity.
  • HTCs do not produce their own products, which could otherwise have a higher priority than those ordered by the client
  • The orders are processed strictly according to the “first come, first served” principle.
  • The contract details (price, term, starting date, etc.) are set very quickly.
  • HTCs offer services on minimizing the amount of resources the client spends.

These marketing benefits are expected to become tangible by the end of 2011 through a special management policy. They will make it profitable to handle orders from just one piece.

Business Incubator

The TSC incorporates the instrumentation cluster's business incubator intended to accommodate new innovation projects in the field of instrumentation engineering. The business incubator can already provide office space and is now preparing to launch laboratory and production areas (fitting and radio engineering workshops), which will have all the necessary equipment.

Tenants - Technological Companies

"Тесла тек" ООО
Проектирование электроники, разработка измерительной аппаратуры, проектирование печатных плат, разработка ПО, программирование микроконтроллеров, дизайн FPGA, промышленный дизайн.
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