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Nanotechnologies and New Materials

image002.jpgThis cluster of Academpark includes Nanomodified Materials Center (NMMC), which will be up and running at full capacity by the end of 2012. Its main function is to provide material, technological, and organizational support to companies developing industrial technologies for production of new nanostructured materials using nanodisperse powders, fullerenes, and carbon nanotubes.

NMMC will have all the up-to-date high-tech facilities to produce nanomaterials and composite materials such as alloys, polymeric compounds, ceramics, concretes and other construction materials, etc.

NMMC is set up by the SYGMA Innovations group within SYGMA Multidisciplinary Nanotechnology Center as a part of the co-project with the ROSNANO company on development of innovation infrastructure and commercialization of R&D outcomes. One of the strategic goals of SYGMA Innovations is to create functional clusters in the technology parks of Novosibirsk and Tomsk.

NMMC is situated in the premises leased from Academpark, uses the facilities provided by SYGMA Innovations, and provides these facilities to high-tech companies under lease and outsourcing contracts.

NMMC Technology Infrastructure

NMMC is a complex that consists of

  • small private companies equipped with up-to-date high-tech facilities,
  • certified laboratories and shared resource centers of leading universities and research institutes (of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences).

NMMC provides the following services:

  • Manufacturing of prototypes and pilot batches of nanomaterials: carbon- and metal-based nanopowders, fullerenes, and carbon nanotubes by the methods of mechanochemistry, plasma chemistry, and chemical synthesis and catalysis;
  • Physicochemical analysis and certification of nanomaterials;
  • Production of composite materials on the basis of high molecular compounds, metals, construction materials, and ceramics;
  • Manufacturing of prototypes and pilot batches of items with hardened surface coating;
  • Application of protective coatings on valve metals and alloys by special methods;
  • R&D, engineering, and testing of industrial technologies for production of nanostructured materials, etc.;
  • Chemical purification and modification of nanomaterials;
  • Physicochemical studies of composite materials, their strength properties and other consumer characteristics;
  • Lease of equipment and personnel.

NMMC's work is based on productive interactions of project companies implementing their projects within NMMC with high-tech companies when the project companies are main consumers of the solutions provided by the high-tech companies.

The outcome of the project companies' work will be pilot production sites based on innovative technologies, tested in mass production, and ready for industrial implementation. NMMC's infrastructure will enable the project companies to considerably cut their money and time costs of development and scaling of new technologies.

Business Incubator

Business Incubator or Technology Transfer Center will be an integral component of NMMC. Business Incubator will be focused on finding and providing business support to innovative projects, carrying out their expert assessment, and offering project management services.

Tenants - Technological Companies

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